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The Spirit of Gin Season

Whether you’re serving up weekend brunch or relaxing with the crew on a Friday night, Seagram’s Gin has you covered. Gin might be known as the “summer” essential, but #DifferentIsWhen you enjoy the Seagram’s Gin flavor any time of the year. See how to make it happen.

Pros only


#DifferentIsWhen someone hands you lemons and you garnish some cocktails.

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pros only


#DifferentIsWhen you invite your neighbors to the party so you don’t get a noise complaint.

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Pros only


#DifferentIsWhen you set up the ideal meat and greet by having one hand on the grill and the other on your freshly made drink.

Pros only


#DifferentIsWhen you keep a throwback playlist handy just in case you need to turn things up.

Pros only


#DifferentIsWhen you have a style that’s worth remembering.

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